Product Review Of AroMed Vaporizer

Today we have a AroMed Vaporizer Review. Specifically this is the AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer. The AroMed is a high end vaporizer that upon first looks resembles a scientific instrument. I personally like that aspect, it looks very professional. Many people compare this to the Volcano Vaporizer because they are in the same ball park price wise.First lets talk about how the AroMed Vaporizer 4.0 works, because this unit is different from most other units.

This unit is very precise which we were big fans of. Warm up takes about two minutes which is acceptable to us. This unit actually uses a halogen bulb to heat the herbs you use. This is very unique and not really copied by anyone else. The advantages to using a bulb is that it is ultarviolet free and provides you with heat without letting out any gasses.

That said, the huge difference that is noticeable to everyone is the fact that the unit comes with a water filter. As you are vaporizing, the vapor comes out of the unit, through a water filter system, and then through the tube and into your mouth. This extra step of filtration is clearly noticeable and we were very impressed with the results.

The scientific reason behind the water filtration is that when you are using herbs that are ground up very fine, dust particles can be inhaled and lead to irritation of your throat. The water filtration gets rid of this.

We found the temperature gauge to be dead on accurate and the craftsmanship and quality of this unit are very high (as it should be given the price).

One of the only real downsides that actually could impact you is the fact that to get the best vapors, you must take slow, low intensity pulls. This can take some practice because many people (including us) by default tend to take harder pulls since we are used to normal combustion methods.

In the end it comes down to what style vaporizer you want. If you are looking for the best vaporizer in the world, it really comes down to the AroMed and the Volcano. If you are looking for a bag vaporizer, then clearly the Volcano is the way to go. But if you are cool with a self pull vaporizer, and like the idea of the water filtration, then the AroMed 4.0 is the right unit for you.

We are going to put this in the Rolls Royce range as well; we were surprisingly impressed with it’s performance. The AroMed Vaporizer tied with the Volcano Vaporizer as the best score we have ever given.