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My name is Daniel A Mehl. In 1995 I suffered a fall of some thirty feet on to rocks that fractured my spine in three places and shattered my clavicle. I had to be resuscitated twice in effect I was dead. When I was in hospital and paralyzed. I met a young lady who introduced me to cannabis as a medicine. I believe by using cannabis I regained my feelings in my lower body and I became no longer paralyzed. After three months I left hospital along with all kinds of painkillers but I still couldn’t get rid of the pain my injuries had left me with.  I decided to find out more about cannabis, sure enough there was plenty of information  and about the help it had offered with all kinds of conditions.

Soon  after this I started growing my own cannabis and I found I could manage not to take most of the tablets I was being prescribed. It was obvious to me that i was getting more relief from the cannabis than the medication that was poisoning my system (after effects).

Shortly after I had started to grow a few plants the police came one morning and broke the front door to my flat clean off and I was arrested for growing cannabis plants.

I went to crown court some months later I told the Jury that I was using cannabis to help with my injuries. I told them I didn’t have a choice it was the only thing that helped me, I grew it out of necessity. They went out to deliberate, less than 20 minutes later they returned their verdict. NOT GUILTY After this I was contacted by several people who had M/S who were also treating themselves with cannabis, however, they all found it hard to obtain.

This is when I decided that enough was enough and I had to start The Cannabis Health Service.

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